What is Siren

  • An approach using programmed Excel spreadsheets
  • Step-wise reduction of power shortfalls, working left to right across columns of 8760 hours (1 year’s hourly shortfalls)
  • Quantifies and costs annual dispatchable energy generation from:

    Storage: Battery, pumped hydro, molten salt (heated by CST or biomass)

    Fuelled generation: gas turbines, biomass thermal

  • Balances power with load for 8760 hours of a year
  • Calculates RE Scenario LCoE and CO2 emissions instantly

The Powerbalance Toolbox

“We are looking at how to manage the system to be more resilient as well as … cost effective and carbon neutral, or zero carbon … (they) are not necessarily antithetical,” ……..Nor is having renewable resources and having a reliable and secure system antithetical. In fact, you can have it all”

Australian Energy Market Operator CEO Audrey Zibelman